The following images showcase the game art of the current project I am working on in collaboration with Niilo Mäki institution.

The goal of the project is to create a game with the purpose of teaching mathematics to primary pupils.
As the game artist, my role involves crafting visuals, bringing assets to life in Unity, and collaborating closely with the teams in level design and narrative development.

The game is still in production phase. Here I have gathered a few samples from different parts to showcase the general feel of the game.

The following images showcase the game art of the final game project of the "Game design and production" program at Arcada university of applied sciences.

For the final project we were assigned to deliver a full game and produce it in GameMaker studio 2.

In this project I was mainly in charge of visual development, asset creation, animation, story and also I was helping the with the game design.

For more information and playing the Beta version of the game, please visit the following link:

Samples from Card game illustrations in collaboration with Nahalak games.